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6 Jun 2017

     WWE Raw results, June 5, 2017

Nia Jax def. Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss via Disqualification

A few weeks ago, Alexa Bliss recruited Nia Jax to her side with the promise of a future Raw Women’s Title Match should she get past Bayley unscathed. Well, Alexa’s still champ after WWE Extreme Rules, and on Raw it was time to pay the piper. Bliss retained her title thanks to a technicality and what may have been a canny bit of planning.

Seeking to replicate the strategy that joined her and Jax up in the first place, Bliss went to the Women’s locker room seeking help — anyone’s help — against Jax. With the exception of Sasha Banks, who dismissed Alexa outright, the ladies all said they’d rather just sit at ringside and watch Bliss get destroyed, which led the champ to run her entire division down throughout the night.

When Jax inevitably tossed Alexa to the outside during what was shaping up to be a one-sided win, Little Miss Bliss shoved Dana Brooke and Mickie James to instigate a brawl, handing herself a disqualification win and conveniently keeping the title around her waist.

Even more conveniently, Little Miss Bliss got out of Dodge right as Jax took out her frustrations on anything that moved, leaving Dana and Mickie in a heap while the champ made herself scarce.

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