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1 Aug 2017

     WWE Raw results, July 31, 2017.

Bayley def. Nia Jax via Count-out

As it turns out, Alexa Bliss couldn’t be happier that Bayley will be the one to challenge her at SummerSlam — she had no desire to face Sasha Banks again and sees The Huggable One as slim pickings after beating her for the Raw Women’s Title in the first place.

That Bayley had to take on Nia Jax without Banks in the building seemed to drastically hurt The Huggable One’s odds, especially after Nia left her with a banged-up shoulder. When The Huggable One managed to even the odds and take the fight to the outside, Bliss intervened and Bayley managed to hold her off and claim a count-out victory after she olé’d Nia into the steel steps.

Bayley wasn’t so bold as to throw down with both Superstars with only one good arm, but perhaps her title hopes aren’t quite as slim as Little Miss Bliss would like to believe.

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