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28 Dec 2017

     The 10 Superstars who defined 2017

3 Alexa Bliss

Since arriving to WWE from NXT, Alexa Bliss has arguably been WWE’s most valuable female Superstar. 2017, however, was her true breakout year. The four-time Women’s Champion earned three of her four title reigns this year alone, becoming the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Titles.

In fact, there wasn’t a month in 2017 where Bliss wasn’t carrying a title around her waist. And considering she had to defend the gold against the likes of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley, it’s hard to imagine many other Superstars topping that resumé. Five Feet of Fury never seemed so tall. — SCOTT TAYLOR


15 Nov 2017

     Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair

Bliss, meet Flair.

Alexa Bliss’ month of preparation for SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya went out the window after Charlotte Flair dethroned The Queen of Harts as Team Blue’s titleholder, setting up a Champion vs. Champion Match at Survivor Series between the only two Superstars to hold the Women’s Titles of both brands.

Alexa’s story as Raw Women’s Champion is well known by this point: After starting the year as SmackDown Women’s Champion, she moved to the red side in the Superstar Shake-up and held down the fort for the most of 2017, denying challengers such as Bayley, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax and Mickie James.

Charlotte, on the other hand, has been in the unfamiliar position of chasing a title for most of this year: After losing the Raw Women’s Title to Bayley in January, she came to SmackDown LIVE in the Superstar Shake-up and found Team Blue’s top prize to be just beyond her grasp. She had even been set to compete on the Women’s Survivor Series team after defeating Natalya by disqualification — but not winning the title — at WWE Hell in a Cell.

However, a last-minute ruling by SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon gave The Nature Girl one more opportunity at the title, and Charlotte did not disappoint, defeating Natalya to win her first SmackDown Women’s Championship. The emotional victory prompted a celebration with her father, Ric Flair, who made a surprise appearance — his first after a major health scare — to congratulate his daughter.

With her classically flippant attitude toward her challengers, Alexa is likely unimpressed by this comeback, which, in fairness, is the same song she’s been singing for a while now: After WWE TLC, the Raw Talk panel floated the idea about what would happen if Alexa were to face Charlotte, and “The Goddess of WWE” was dismissive at best. That attitude certainly reflects her skills as champion, but now, it’s a response she can no longer afford.

Tune in to Survivor Series to see which woman will claim victory in the head-to-head competition for brand supremacy, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network this Sunday at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT.


7 Apr 2017

     Superstar Shake-up: Which brand is better for the future of the Women’s division?


In the wake of Mr. McMahon’s earth-shattering announcement that next week will feature a Superstar Shake-up, competitors on both Raw and SmackDown LIVE are wondering which brand they’ll call home when all is said and done.

Arguably, the Women’s division will be impacted the most from the Shake-up. Since the Brand Extension Draft last July, the two-brand system has helped propel the Women’s Revolution to a whole a new level of success, but which brand is better for the future of female competition moving forward?For the Women’s division, SmackDown LIVE is the brand of opportunity
Ever have that overriding, intangible sensation when you walk into a room and you can just feel the uncanny amount of passion, grit and sacrifice that it’s filled with?

That, without question, is precisely the atmosphere that’s been created at SmackDown LIVE, a brand that has served as an incredible environment for the advancement of the women’s locker room. With that in mind, every female competitor should be hoping that they will be a member of the SmackDown LIVE Women’s division when the dust settles after next week’s Superstar Shake-up.

Since the Brand Extension this past summer, SmackDown LIVE has been the destination for the best the Women’s Revolution has to offer. Team Blue touts itself as the land of opportunity, and quite simply, the treatment of the Women’s division is proof and parcel of that fact.

“Our women are all featured all the time,” two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss said. “We have such a strong division — we don’t have a weak link. And we’ve been given the opportunity to show multiple times that our women can showcase and showcase well. The overall philosophy of the show is definitely going to allow us to bring this revolution to the next level.”

And what a philosophy it is. The blue brand has never been afraid to allow its women to carry the ball and operate on the same level as their male contemporaries. SmackDown LIVE’s female Superstars have innovated and delivered in equal measure, as fans have witnessed everything from a SmackDown Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match main event between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch to a raucous Falls Count Anywhere bout between Nikki Bella and Natalya that left the WWE Universe buzzing.

Natalya reflected on what the women have done on SmackDown LIVE and does not mince words on how the energy and general underdog nature of the brand has helped move them forward.

“We’re just better,” The Queen of Hart(less) said. “We have this energy about us [that] we can conquer anything. We’re like the little engine that could. When [your show] has this underdog vibe, that is the uprising that people just bite onto.”

It’s notable that the smaller roster size of Team Blue has played into its success. The women get a real opportunity to be the focal point of SmackDown LIVE week after week, and because of that, a focal point of the WWE Universe’s reaction to the show.

Perhaps the greatest reflection of this idea came on the Feb. 21 edition of SmackDown LIVE, where the Women’s division commanded most of the two-hour show: Naomi had to relinquish the SmackDown Women’s Championship due to injury in a heart-wrenching address to the WWE Universe, Bliss edged Lynch to claim the vacated title and Natalya bested Nikki in the previously mentioned Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Raw Women’s Champion Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax rocked WrestleMania 33’s Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Match, but SmackDown LIVE has offered so many fresh matchups and new Superstars. The Women’s division overall is the strongest it’s ever been, but the core of that strength resides on SmackDown LIVE, an environment that will continue to breed success for whichever women are a part of Team Blue after next week’s Superstar Shake-up — period. — RYAN PAPPOLLA
As WWE’s flagship show, Raw is the place where the Women’s division reaches the next level
A polite word, first, for the competition: SmackDown LIVE’s Women’s division has come alive in a way that even the most optimistic of the WWE Universe probably didn’t expect. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan have taken comeback kids (Nikki Bella, Mickie James), experienced veterans (Natalya), momentous young talent (Becky Lynch, Naomi) and raw, untested prospects (Alexa Bliss, Carmella) and turned those ingredients into a potpourri of tremendously entertaining, compelling television. Kudos.

That being said, the Women’s Revolution has always been about breaking boundaries. And when there are boundaries to be broken and taboos to be dispelled, you always, always — before and after the Superstar Shake-up — look to Raw.

“We did a Falls Count Anywhere Match,” Charlotte Flair said of the opportunities that Team Red has offered herself and Sasha Banks. “We main-evented Raw three different times, we main-evented a pay-per-view, [and] we were in the first-ever [Women’s] Hell in a Cell Match.”

Apart from those historic matches, the three-hour Raw is a brand where a Superstar can truly receive maximum exposure and where the WWE Universe will whole-heartedly embrace a dynamic persona.

Case in point, the emergence of Bayley and Nia Jax, a universally beloved underdog and a pure powerhouse, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the Women’s division in a long time. The Huggable One, in particular, has struck a prescient chord both in the audience and the locker room as one of the most unconventional and respected champions since Daniel Bryan. The net total of all of this leaves Raw as the go-to destination for WWE viewers who prefer their history to be made on a weekly basis, a distinction that’s unlikely to change no matter who ends up traded to SmackDown LIVE in the imminent Shake-up.

“Our Raw Women’s division has put on some of the greatest matches in WWE history,” said Nia Jax, who challenged for the division’s championship at WrestleMania along with Charlotte and Sasha.

And while each Superstar interviewed acknowledged the intrigue of the SmackDown LIVE ladies’ locker room and the mutual benefits the two shows provide each other, they were quick to say that Team Red sets the tone.

“It’s actually crazy to think if you sit around and think about it; we’re equal to [the men],” Banks said of the Raw women’s main-event status, which is something SmackDown LIVE has yet to replicate. (They did, however, smash one taboo Raw missed out on: The first-ever Women’s Tables Match.)

With Emma’s return, Alicia Fooooox shaking things up by splitting time between Raw and 205 Live and who knows what else on the horizon, the stage is set for the women’s various goals — Sasha threw out tag team titles; Nia advocated for a Women’s main event at WrestleMania — to be realized. Given SmackDown’s current reputation as a proving ground, it stands to reason that the ladies of Team Red might be getting that nod first, though few went so far as to call the women of Team Blue their outright rivals.

“Any kind of competition is healthy competition,” said an ironically diplomatic Charlotte.

But given that the Superstar Shake-up will likely feature some crisscrossing within the division’s members, it’s both fair and expected that some Team Blue members would want to jump over to the flagship. SmackDown LIVE may be the show where opportunities are given, but Raw is the show where those opportunities bear fruit. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

Which brand do you think is better for the future of the Women’s division?


5 Apr 2017

     WWE SmackDown Live April 4, 2017 Results.


SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi def. Alexa Bliss.
Wasting no time to invoke her one-on-one rematch clause for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Alexa Bliss took on the newly christened champion Naomi, who captured the title at The Showcase of the Immortals.

In the subsequent showdown, the only two-time SmackDown Women’s Champions furiously pursued the victory. Although Bliss had her moments where she shined bright, The Wicked Witch of WWE felt the glow when Naomi defeated her with the same submission move she used to capture the SmackDown Women’s Title at The Ultimate Thrill Ride.

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29 Mar 2017

     WWE SmackDown LIVE Results,March 28, 2017.


Becky Lynch vs. Carmella ended in a no contest
Becky Lynch and Carmella tried to settle their personal score before shifting their focus to the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match at The Ultimate Thrill Ride.

However, the opportunity to unleash some aggression was not lost on SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss or Mickie James – both doing guest commentary for the match. When the sparks began to fly between all four Superstars, Daniel Bryan pivoted the action into a tag team match, pitting Lynch and James against Bliss and The Princess of Staten Island.

Alexa Bliss & Carmella def. Becky Lynch & Mickie James

With the four feisty Superstars now competing in a tag team match, a degree of uncertainty still loomed over the proceedings, as Natalya had now made her way out to the announce table to observe the action. Though all four opponents were clearly ready for WrestleMania and looking to make a statement, The Queen of Hart(less) interjected herself into the match. With the referee distracted, James Ellsworth tripped up Lynch, allowing Carmella to pick up the victory.

After the contest, the Superstars went at it again, but they would only be able to get their licks in for so long, as Naomi returned to SmackDown LIVE and cleared the ring in a shocking moment! The former SmackDown Women’s Champion then pronounced that she would be entering the SmackDown Women’s Title Match at WrestleMania and that everyone would be feeling the GLOW!

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SmackDown LIVE Fallout, March 28, 2017


28 Mar 2017

     SmackDown LIVE preview March 28, 2017.


Who will step-up en route to the SmackDown Women’s Title free-for-all at The Show of Shows?

At WrestleMania, every available woman on the SmackDown LIVE roster will challenge SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. With the illustrious title so close to the fingertips of the entire division, it’s no wonder that Becky Lynch’s match against Carmella descended into a blue brand free-for-all last Tuesday night.

This week, The Irish Lass Kicker will once again take on The Princess of Staten Island. But will the result be any different? Find out on Tuesday if bedlam once again takes hold in this high-stakes prelude to WrestleMania.


26 Mar 2017

     Photos from has been added to our gallery!


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26 Mar 2017

     WWE Live returns to Latin America, will include first-ever event in Argentina


WWE has announced a WWE Live tour of Latin America, with events in Puerto Rico, Panama and Costa Rica in June, as well as Chile and the first-ever WWE Live Event in Argentina in October. Tickets for all four events are available starting Monday, 3 April.

The WWE Live Latin America Tour schedule will consist of:

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Coliseo De Puerto Rico, Thursday, 8 June, 2017 – tickets available at starting 10 a.m. local time Monday, 3 April
Panama City, Panama: Roberto Duran Arena, Saturday, 10 June, 2017 – tickets available at starting 10 a.m. local time Monday, 3 April
San José, Costa Rica: Anfiteatro Coca Cola – Parque Viva, Sunday, 11 June, 2017 – tickets available at starting 10 a.m. local time Monday, 3 April
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Luna Park, Thursday, 19 October, 2017 – tickets available at starting 8 a.m. local time Monday, 3 April
These dates join the event in Santiago, Chile, where the WWE Live Latin America Tour concludes at the Movistar Arena on Saturday, 21 October. Tickets are available now at

“WWE is excited to bring the electrifying atmosphere of WWE Live to Argentina for the first time, and to return to Latin America, giving WWE fans the chance to see their favorite Superstars live,” said Joaquin Del Rivero, Vice President & General Manager, WWE LatAm. “WWE will deliver the same non-stop, family-friendly entertainment to our passionate fan base that they know and love from our TV programming and WWE Network.”

Fans attending WWE Live can see their favorite WWE Superstars in action, including AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, The Miz, Bray Wyatt and many more.*

WWE Live is presented in partnership with Move Concerts, Latin America’s premier promoter of concerts and live events.


26 Mar 2017

     WrestleMania 33: SmackDown Women’s Championship Match Preview.


SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is in for the title defense of her life at WrestleMania.

Per the order of General Manager Daniel Bryan, “every available woman on the SmackDown LIVE roster” will have an opportunity to seize Bliss’ title Sunday, April 2, on The Grandest Stage of Them All. In light of the champion’s inability to identify even a single contender she would be willing to face, Bryan’s ruling appears to be the exact opposite of what Alexa had in mind for her WrestleMania dance card. naugural SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, former Divas Champion Natalya and six-time champion Mickie James have all stated their intentions of enjoying a golden WrestleMania moment. In Lynch, Bliss has a familiar rival; in Natalya, a submission sorceress; and in James, a decorated former ally who is eager to return to the top of the division.

Carmella lacks WWE titles on her resume, but The Princess of Staten Island, another challenger, is not short on vicious outbursts, underhanded tactics or James Ellsworth’s help, any of which could serve her well in her WrestleMania debut.

The pool of potential challengers might not end there, either. Could other female Superstars from SmackDown LIVE, which Bryan calls a “land of opportunity,” enter the fray between now and April 2?

Even though this isn’t the WrestleMania match she hoped for, the fiery champion won’t fall easily. Bliss’ hair-trigger temper would prompt a charging bull to change course, and with her back against the wall, it’s frightening to think what WWE’s Wicked Witch could resort to.

Can Alexa Bliss make it out of the Orlando Citrus Bowl as the SmackDown Women’s Champion? Watch at WrestleMania, airing live on the award-winning WWE Network Sunday, April 2, at a special start time of 7 ET/4 PT, to find out.


22 Mar 2017

     WWE SmackDown LIVE results, March 21, 2017.


Becky Lynch was looking to even the score after Carmella blindsided her last week, but the two WrestleMania-bound Superstars never got a chance to break a sweat, as Natalya (who was supposed to be guest commentating) interfered early in the match. This caused Mickie James and SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss to hit the scene, inciting a huge melee. After many moments of chaotic bedlam, it was Bliss who stood tall.

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